Visual exploration on society’s problems in Thailand pt.3

Political engagement interests people in society much more from political situations that are going on currently in Thailand. I am trying to illustrate the invisibility and problems that Thai citizens are encountering in their daily life, yet can’t be fixed and get enough attention from the government. Everybody’s voice has to be heard.

Last week that I created the scenario template and didn’t go well, so I decided to gather information from people online to make a visual design instead. I went on Twitter with the hashtag #ถ้าการเมืองดี (if the politics is good) to see what people in this generation or anti-government are talking about and thinking about developed Thailand. I got a lot of perspectives and some of them I have not even thought about it before, therefore some people do. Additionally, I created my post on Facebook to see collect opinions too. Accordingly, I categorized them into a topic that is going to be easier to make an artwork.

From making these 8 pictures and finalize what I have done so far, it doesn’t communicate due to the statement I have set in the beginning. I explore what I can do more with my statement and try to specify what I can do more to make this topic become more visible as the statement has stated. I got back to what has been talking in the protest, yet not enough to be seen and heard, which is the political activists or good citizens who turned against the system of government and ended up dying. I would like to focus more on this point and push this invisibility to the public. I am the one who sees the invisibility, the power is in my hands.




senior communication design student

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Jeansny Nutnitha

Jeansny Nutnitha

senior communication design student

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