Videography process 03

There was some slight change for the text in the videography, such as: color of the text, the size, and the transition. Here is the visual update of all the artwork itself.

The color has been changed to the brighter one so it will no longer look like news since it’s supposed to give a sarcastic mood. Also, this is the newly added photo in the set of Chamrat Muangyam.

I tried to underline the text more by using one big text like it’s shooting to the audience while watching, so it catches more attention for the text and transition.

The last part was done with the text on. The movement of people walking past makes it relates so much more with the keyword “Pretend you are there” than the photography that I did earlier.




senior communication design student

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Jeansny Nutnitha

Jeansny Nutnitha

senior communication design student

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