Videography process 02

Here is the update before the last open studio. I have been working on the footage, photography, and typography of the video.

final version of the keyword “Unmovable”
Play more with the visual typography and motion
motion graphic for the keyword “Unscrollable”
The previous set of photography for the keyword “Pretend you are there”

This set of photos were captured from the footage I filmed instead of photography, as it can be seen that the photos didn’t convey at all, based on the keyword “Pretend you are there.” Standing in the public space conveyed me that way since people who walked past me totally ignored me. They stared at my shirt for a little bit, but not many people did.

New footage for the keyword “Pretend you are there”




senior communication design student

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Jeansny Nutnitha

Jeansny Nutnitha

senior communication design student

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