Videography process 01

From planning out the mood and tone, typography, and what I am goin to do, I have started working on the pictures and motion graphics that I would like to put in the video

I matched each person with different keyword by using their history background to find the best harmoniousness follow by the list below

  1. Unmovable : Thatkamol Ob-om
  • He stood by Kaeng Krachan Karen since many households were burnt down and their homes decimated, unlike what the national park staff had claimed. He tried offering a petition to His Majesty the King for help; he was murdered before the submission.

2. Preserve : Chamrat Muangyam

  • As second Chairperson of National Farmers Federation of Thailand following the October 6 event, he was imprisoned as a suspected communist. He was released 7 months later, but was shot dead before lawsuits could proceed.

3. Unscrollable : Kamol Lhaosophapan

  • He questioned an illegitimate land purchase by state railway in the Khon Kaen province. He was subsequently abducted; the ensuing lawsuit has stalled for 10 years with prosecution unlikely.

4. Show up in plain sight : Somchai Neelapaijit

  • A Thai-Muslim lawyer who fought for human rights in Thailand’s southern border provinces. Somchai’s defense of accused Muslims in terrorism cases, claiming they were tortured, is thought to be the motive. The courts claimed that opinions were not to be heard, citing the suspects inability to appear. The case was closed, and injustice perpetuated.

5. Pretend you are there : Chit Thongchit

  • The former policeman who worked to expose corruption among the highway patrol and police force, including more than 10 lawsuits against their members and national politicians. He was shot by sniper rifle, and the lawsuits stagnated.

Here are the process of what I have done and experiment so far.




senior communication design student

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Jeansny Nutnitha

Jeansny Nutnitha

senior communication design student

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