Since the last open studio, I shifted the topic from ‘if politics is good’ to the deeper topic that has to be promoted much more in reality and protests. It is people who sacrificed their lives fighting against corruption and government. This thing shows how cruel and how messed up the Thai government is. No one never deserves to die, no matter they are left or right-wing. We deserve to live, especially people who sacrificed to be in danger of fighting against bad people in society. Where are they? Why do not many people know them? Why are they gone from the stories? These questions lead me to the point that, I want to make them alive, not their lives, but what they did.

I researched and gathered the information of these 5 people that I chose, which the criteria are; related to the environment, related to the capitalists, or related to the government. They all got abducted and got shot by anonymous people, but sure referred to what they did against those people. Some of their cases did not progress at all and ended up closing without punishing any suspects by the law. For example, Chamrus Muangsiam, during the Thammasat massacre, so many farmers got killed and abducted and non of the killers were found or shown up.

It’s about HUMANITY, people who fight against injustice!

Here are the experiments I have worked on

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