Thesis book writing 01

The mood and tone will be set the same as the final artwork like it’s taken from the motion to still video. I want the book to give a sound of typing in the readers’ heads without having any sound but the icon, so I decided to remain the typing icon in the thesis book.

Here is the first unfinished draft of thesis book writing.



The Thai justice system remains unfair, especially to those who sacrificed their lives fighting against corruption within the government. These cases did not see any mainstream attention, further investigation or lawsuits. How can we make improve Thailand when we cannot stand up to problems without disappearing right after?

Only together we can go forward to make Thailand a better place. It is due time to make our real hero’s visible and remember what they were fighting for. May they be an inspiration and motivation for unity and change — for Thailand’s sake, for our sake, and for the next generations.

KEYWORDS : Enforced disappearance/ Unmovable/ Unscrollable/ Pretend you are there/ Show up on plain sight/ Preserve

PROJECT (research topic) DETAILS:

“How to be visible” aims to highlight fallen and forgotten heroes to inspire and motivate unity and positive change.


The recent protests in Thailand have spread information and educated the masses on problems within the government regarding power abuse to oppress Thai citizens. Speaking up and calling out for the right is basic human freedom: To live, freedom of opinion and expression, and equality in front of the law have been consistently violated, unlike what has been claimed in a democratic country. I tried to examine what has been promoting in the protest, yet not enough to be seen and heard, which is the political activists or good citizens who turned against the government system fighting for injustice and ended up dying. In Thailand, constrained vanishings have happened alongside common liberties infringement, terrorizing, and extra-legal killings. Some groups of people in places of force think that the vanishing of somebody will end an issue. It is such an irony that people who died endured are most likely to be deleted from history. Thailand needs to meet its worldwide commitments to address this horrible wrongdoing. One more year ought not to pass without equity for casualties of authorized vanishing and their families, it needs to be stopped, to shine light on them, and to make them visible!


- Who disappeared, what were they fighting for, and against who?

- Why does the disappearance of the political activists get a little attention and how can we raise awareness?

- How can we protect our basic freedoms and improve our country?


This project aims to protect our basic human freedoms and bring justice to improve Thailand. Some of the people I chose have been talked about in the protest, but not enough to be heard, known, and memorized. We all should be aware of what the Thai government pays us for those who try to speak up in Thai society. Bringing awareness to people who disappeared while fighting corruption to motivate and inspire positive change must be prioritized. Both the people who have already known about it and those who do not know about it, still may not truly understand the importance or severity of the situation and its consequences.




senior communication design student

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Jeansny Nutnitha

Jeansny Nutnitha

senior communication design student

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