There was some slight change for the text in the videography, such as: color of the text, the size, and the transition. Here is the visual update of all the artwork itself.

The color has been changed to the brighter one so it will no longer look like news since it’s supposed to give a sarcastic mood. Also, this is the newly added photo in the set of Chamrat Muangyam.

Since I mentioned earlier that “social engagement” is a must for every citizen. Isn’t it good to see what others have different perspectives toward Thailand since we are living together in the country? I tried to make an engagement between citizens and the artwork itself by creating a plain scenario to make people express their thoughts and creativity, and stick the stickers on it. The strategy of the objects I put here is to combine Thai and international objects with the question “How do you see Thailand with good politics?”

It was not going the way I expected it to be and I felt like it is too limited to stick things on and hard to collect the data. So I decided to use other methods to collect the point of view instead.

I have talked to many people so far about the project itself and the current situation of Thai politics in Thailand. Many people said that it could have been better for the protests if they speechify much more about “society’s problems” and not only about the monarchy and government itself.

I want people to be engaged in my project since political engagement is a must for every citizen. I created the topic on IG and let people from my IG express opinions about what problems they see.